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Distributors, give your customers a vertical option!

With a growing demand for vertical and niche container options, Al's Flower Pouch is the perfect product for distributors to add to their line-ups. Distributors benefit from low shipping and inventory costs, plus you can offer something truly original to your customers. A.M.A. provides marketing materials to help distributors promote Al's Flower Pouch, and early order programs are available. Become a distributor today!


  • Low-cost shipping. Al's Flower Pouches are compact, high volume and low weight

  • Direct shipping to customers in North America

  • Distribute the Thirst Quencher watering spout - a simple innovation for even watering

  • Marketing materials available for distributors to promote Al's Flower Pouch. Email us for your marketing package today!

  • Ideal niche container/vertical hanging option for your product line-up

  • Increasing grower demand for vertical solutions and specialty containers

  • Low inventory costs and space optimization in warehouse, especially compared to hanging baskets

  • Early order program discounts available to North American distributors. Email us for details!

If you have more questions about distributing Al's Flower Pouch, go to our FAQ page or contact us to become a distributor today!

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