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Get started with Al's Flower Pouch

Al's Flower Pouch is the original vertical garden, bringing fresh, cascading colour to entryways, backyards, fences, balconies, patios, public spaces and more.


  • Get creative! Easy to plant and hang anywhere

  • Works with a wide range of plants, including annuals, tropicals, succulents, fall mums, tomatoes, strawberries, leafy greens and herbs, decorative chilies and much more

  • Ideal for fences and pool areas, and small spaces such as condo balconies and front entryways

  • High-impact, versatile outdoor decor for weddings and other events

  • No more bending! Take your garden off the ground for easy maintenance at eye-level

  • No more weeding!

Get started with Al's Flower Pouch today! Explore our "How-To" videos and pick the product that works best for your space.

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