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This Thirst Quencher Set comes with ten (10) watering spouts that are uniquely designed to evenly distribute water throughout Al's Flower Pouch and other large containers. No more dry bottoms! 


This pack includes:

  • 10 "Thirst Quencher" watering spouts


Thirst Quenchers are great watering accessories for Al's Flower Pouch. Simply fill pouches with soil to the top and insert Thirst Quencher watering spouts down the top of the pouch in the centre. Thirst Quencher is best inserted prior to planting, however, they can still be inserted after cuttings have been planted and have grown out. 


Live plants and soil not included. Al's Flower Pouch sold separately. Buy them together in our Vertical Garden Kit! 


Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. Customers may experience delays due to COVID-19.

Thirst Quencher Set

  • Insert Thirst Quencher watering spout down the centre of the pouch for even water distribution.

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