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Million Bells in Al's Flower Pouch.jpg

The Original Vertical Garden

Think Outside the Basket

Explore Al's Flower Pouch

Al's Flower Pouch comes in a range of sizes to suit different styles and spaces. See our assorted packs and kits.


Wholesale quantities are available. Request a quote at our sister site, 

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How to Plant Al's Flower Pouch

Fill, plant, water and grow. Al's Flower Pouch is a simple innovation with endless possibilities.


Discover more how-to videos and guides to help you create custom and beautiful arrangements.

AFP_BTFC Front & Back_R&C.jpg
Al’s Flower Pouch + Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Al’s Flower Pouch has proudly partnered with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada since 2003 to raise awareness and funds for research and supports through the sale of Al's Flower Pouch. Thanks to all who help us support this worthy cause!

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